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I'm singing in the rain!

Contracting through our umbrella company is the ideal option if you are on a short-term contract and returning to full time employment after the contract ends, or if you want to see what contracting is all about before setting up on your own limited company. Or perhaps the idea of running a limited company seems a bit too much. Whatever your situation, our umbrella service could be the option for you. There are many advantages to choosing an umbrella company through Mac Accountancy Services. Obviously, your administration is reduced to an absolute minimum. What a glorious feeling! It is also a cost effective method of operating whilst being flexible enough to allow you to take advantage of contracting opportunities. Last but not least, our umbrella service complies fully with the EC Working Time Directive. All things considered, the Mac Accountancy Services umbrella is something to sing about.

Our umbrella service is a managed company that several contractors can operate through simultaneously. In essence, you swap your contract with the agency for a contract with our umbrella company. We then take care of the administration, leaving you to get on with contracting.

And don’t forget: if you have any questions, we’re always just a phone call away, come rain or shine.

The nuts & bolts

Joining our umbrella company could not be easier. All you have to do issign up, meet us, sign an employment contract, we also need your P45 from your previous employer.

When you begin your contract, you send copies of your timesheets to us (onlinevia your portal, by e-mail, post or fax) and the originals to your agency. Most agencies will require you to work within certain "fixed billing" periods, normally weekly, 4 weekly or monthly. We then invoice the agency on your behalf. When payment is received from the agency we process your salary through our payroll, deducting our fees, social security contributions and PAYE.

Your salary is then paid by BACS and a salary calculation is sent along with your payslip. After the termination of your contract, a P45 will be issued to you and you will then cease to be an employee of the management company.

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